The art of nourishing our lives with intention.

Where does your mind go when you’re cooking? Is it already thinking about tomorrow? Oh wait, did you add salt already? 

Yeah, that’s right, we’ve lost our connection to the art of cooking for our wellbeing; transferring that responsibility to the way proteins and vegetables were fed, raised and grown. 

Every time I get to explore the power of mindful attention, I end up embraced by Dr Masaru Emoto’s research that professed the power in human consciousness. In a nutshell, he proved that words and the intentions behind them could change the molecular structure of water.

If we bring his experiment to our kitchen, I ask myself: What are we feeding our bodies and mind with, if we’re not paying attention to our intentions? 

We might be seasoning our meals with thoughts full of anxiety, depression, fear of the future, stress, shame and a sense of permanent lack, just to name a few, but expect our vegetables and proteins to do all the great work based on the way they were fed and raised.

According to the ancient sage Patanjali, where the word yoga comes from; food we prepare should nourish us on levels beyond mere physical.

Just like yoga, cooking is about the neutralization of the mind’s games to give room for the inner guide to take over and walk us trough the process of reconnecting the Self to the present moment. 

Once these become intertwined; we -even if for only a minute- are reminded that we’re one with the Infinite.

Cooking with an awaken mind, is about letting go of fear, plans and expectations, trusting one’s human experience and inner wisdom to the moment in which we realize that all we have is the sizzling sound that is talking place right now.

Yoga, is more than Hatha and cooking is more than the process of putting ingredients together. When combined with the right amount of presence, gratefulness and awe, both yoga and cooking are all about receiving your experience instead of dictating it. 

And suddenly you realize everything in life, is a spiritual practice.

raspberry orange chia parfait