Here you’ll find all the delicious recipes from Yoga of Cooking.

We’ve organized these recipes in categories so that they’re very easy to find. Dietary restrictions, breakfast favorites, entertaining ideas, our top rated recipes… no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find just what you are craving!

Top Rated Recipes

Out of all the many recipes on YoC, these are our 5-star reader favorites! – the recipes we come back to again and again (and again).


From delicious Banana Breads to Churro donuts and scrumptious Brioche Babka, here you will find the best and easiest bread recipes to make.


The best breakfast recipes from Yoga of Cooking. You’ll find easy and quick breakfasts recipes, options for two and delicious brunch ideas.


The most decadent chocolate recipes to make for breakfast, snack & desserts. You’ll find layer cakes, truffles, brownies & babka.


The best cookie recipes you’ll ever make. Here you’ll find everything from Christmas cookie recipes to unexpected twists on classic cookies.

Brownies & Bars

Everyone’s favorite brownies and bars recipes. You’ll find tons of chocolate, truffles, dulce de leche and more!

Cakes & Cupcakes

From scrumptious chocolate layer cakes to coffee cakes and cupcakes, here you’ll find incredible recipes for the ones you love.

Cheesecakes, Tarts & Pies

Homemade cheesecake, tarts and pie recipes that are perfect for holidays and special occasions.

Donuts & Muffins

From dulce de Leche churro donuts to delicious chocolate chip muffins, here you’ll find a mix of recipes to enjoy any day of the week.


Easy and delicious drink recipes to make for breakfast, before bed or for entertaining! You’ll find warm and cozy drinks, and delicious breakfast smoothie recipes to make any time of the year.

Easy & Quick

The best easy and quick breakfast and dessert recipes you’ll ever make. From chia puddings to street hot dogs, here you’ll find ideas everyone will love.

Hispanic Staples

A compilation of the best Hispanic family recipes and traditional desserts from Latin America and Spain.

Ice Cream & Frozen

Easy & delicious homemade ice cream and frozen drink recipes everyone will enjoy any time of the year!

Puddings & Parfaits

Easy and delicious pudding and parfait recipes for breakfast, snack and dessert that everyone will love.


Savory deliciousness to enjoy with loved ones.


A variety of delicious vegan recipes to make any day of the week.